How does it work?

  • Change your current brands – You can generate a significant revenue stream for your charity by changing the brands you use every day over to Market America-branded products. By doing this 20-40% of your purchase price goes toward your charity and you receive higher quality products at equal or lower prices. As an example, if you purchased a DNA Miracles Gummy Vitamins for your children's health, the price is only $22.50 for 60-day supply, where $6.00 would go towards your charity.
  • Points are created each time you purchase any product or service from an affiliate partner of your charity’s SHOP.COM website. Those points are converted to royalties for your charity.
    As an example, if you were part of a charity and purchased the DNA Miracles Gummy Vitamins, it would generate 12.5 points towards additional royalties for your charity. In addition, you would receive $.45 CA$HBACK just from your purchase.
  • You earn up to 50% CA$HBACK for your purchases.
  • Tell all of your friends & earn Referral CA$HBACK – Share with those you love how they too can get CA$HBACK and you’ll get paid 1/2% referral fee on all their purchases. In addition, their purchases will be helping your charity too.
  • Now $6.00 or 12.5 points towards your charity may not seem like much, however,if only 500 supporters like you all purchased products like this that could help you and your family's health out, collectively, that would amount to $3,000 given back to the church and an additional $300-$600 generated from the points to support them.

How do you get started? (Click HERE)